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Welcome to Gyro Express in Colorado Springs, CO. We hope to become your #1 destination for Mediterranean flavors, whether you're a certified foodie or just seeking a taste of the Mediterranean. To provide a lasting impression that will leave you yearning more, we strive diligently to evoke the flavor of Mediterranean cuisine.

Serving the Best Mediterranean cuisine in Colorado Springs, CO is an accomplishment we at Gyro Express are extremely proud of. Serving Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is what makes us exceptional. Our menu has been meticulously selected to give you the experience of strolling on the Mediterranean's sun-kissed coastlines. All our dishes, from falafel plates to gyro wraps, shows our love for creating remarkable experiences.

Gyro Express is committed to maintaining the highest standards of sanitation and hygienic practices. Our cleaning procedures guarantee that every visit of yours is not only a mouthwatering delight but also a worry-free and secure experience.
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A special place to have dinner with special people.

We heartily invite you to relish the authentic Mediterranean cuisine and friendly hospitality. We take pride in serving the Best Mediterranean food in Colorado Springs, CO, at our restaurant. Our menu conveys the dedication to authenticity and taste. Why wait out? Our Mediterranean delicacies are sure to satisfy your hunger whether it's for a leisurely meal or a brief snack. Visit Gyro Express in Colorado Springs, CO, right away and indulge in a scrumptious meal!

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"Good Food Is The Foundation Of Genuine Happiness."

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